Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

I hope you and your families are enjoying
the Summer.

I would like to congratulate the group of sixteen recently graduated apprentices. On June 23, we had the Training Center’s Fiftieth Completion Exercises. I want to recognize Office Manager Michele Maimone for putting together a successful event. It was great to finally be back together to send off the graduating class. Many of the graduates have already started working towards their transfer out of 4R and I would like to wish them a long, safe and prosperous career.

2022 Graduating Class:
Stephen Beaudoin, Garcell Beauduy, Christine Callahan, Sarah Cote, Harrison Davis, Francis Diaz, Adam Dowgielewicz, Richard Escobar, Matthew Johnson, Nicholas Kusek, Marvin Lubin, Jordan Mota, Joseph Niemaszyk, Charles Purnell, Chelsey Redman, Albert Stande.

The Training Center has recently welcomed thirty-five new probationary apprentices. This is one of the larger apprenticeship classes taken in recent years and is a great sign of the robust work outlook. Most of these new apprentices are already out to work as we continue to enjoy another busy construction season.

I would like to congratulate Business Manager William D. McLaughlin, the Line Officers, Executive Board, Guard and Conductor on their unopposed nominations. It was great to see that the Local 4 membership recognizes the leadership and hard work of this group. This was a well deserved show of confidence and continued support.

I would also like to thank Bill and his staff for negotiating another excellent contract for the Local. This five-year contract with no language changes and a significant wage increase was ratified at the May meeting. This new contract has the Local well positioned for years to come.

Please feel free to reach out to the Training Center if there is anything we can do to help you during this busy season. I’d like to wish you all a great Summer. Be safe!