Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

I hope you and your families are doing well and enjoying the fall. The Training Center has been very busy with the apprentices returning to classes on September 13. We welcomed in a new class of 35 probationary apprentices, many of whom you may have met on job sites and at Union Meetings. This has been a good group to this point, and we were excited to get them started at the Training Center. It has been a good start to the school year, and this has been the most “normal” start in some time. We were pleased to welcome Business Manager William McLaughlin and his staff to greet the apprentices and speak to them about the importance of their role in the local and give them some thoughts on what it means to be a good union member.

It was great to see so many members at the events that have taken place so far this fall such as the Golf Tournament and the September Body Meeting for the swearing-in of Officers. Congratulations to Business Manager William McLaughlin and all sworn into their well-deserved offices. Special congratulations to newly-elected Tayla Rose and Kevin Murray. I would also like to thank Peter Ventresco and John Rossi for their service to the local as Executive Board members.

The Apprenticeship Program will once again be opening for applications. The time to apply and begin the process will be in November. Applicants will be required to contact the office in order to schedule an appointment to come in and fill out the application onsite. Any member who knows someone that would make a good candidate for Local 4’s apprenticeship program, please have that person contact the Training Center Office. The office email is, or if they have any questions, they are welcome to call at 781-821-0306. You will find our official announcement in this publication.

Lastly, I’d like to update you on the new Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration rules as it is related to Entry Level driver training. Anyone wishing to apply for a CDL test must now complete documented theory training and testing in addition to “Range” and on-road documented training. This must be done prior to being eligible for a CDL test. This will mean additional time needed in order to train with us for a CDL test. Please be aware of these changes and the extended timetable. We will accept anyone wishing to go on the CDL waitlist prior to getting their permit to avoid lapses in the permit because of these extended timelines.

I hope everyone is staying busy and safe this fall, please reach out if there is anything the Training Center can do to help.